Wasted Mind

Wasted Mind

José Gonzalez, better known as Wasted Mind, started to spin records in the comfort of his own bedroom at the age of 14. After gaining some spinning experience, he bought his first studio equipment and started to experiment with the art of producing hardcore tunes. At the age of 23, Wasted Mind signed a record deal at Rotterdam Records. His debut gig took place shortly after signing this deal. In 2011, he performed at ‘Nightmare · The Global Hardcore Gathering’ in Rotterdam Ahoy and this resulted in him getting booked for many more gigs after. In the following three years, Wasted Mind released many prominent Hardcore tracks and performed at all major festivals & clubs all over Europe.

As of the moment of signing at the Masters of Hardcore label at the end of 2012, he made a major impact on the scene with releases like ‘Become A Master’, ‘Here We Go’ and the anthem he created for Nirvana of Noise: ‘Alliance’!

In 2015, before Wasted Mind stopped producing and playing music due to health problems, he released his highly praised ‘Paradise’ EP, which contained three Wasted Mind solo tracks. After that he decided to take a step back and take time to fully recover.

In the beginning of 2019, the Hardcore scene was thrilled by the line-up reveal of one of the biggest hard dance festivals on the planet: Defqon.1, where Wasted Mind’s name appeared on the line-up of the legendary BLACK stage.

Wasted Mind is back and he is determined to spread the real hardcore sound once again. It's time to give mainstream Hardcore a big boost by unleashing Wasted Mind's unique music!