“A new journey and different challenge, filled with motivation, passion and drive.”

Recognised as one of modern Hardstyle’s most influential game-changers, trailing a transcendent career as a DJ and producer for almost ten years, Sven Sierperda, now known as KELTEK, is ready to stride forth and tackle new and exciting career ventures!

Creating melodies provided him with great exhilaration and as time moved on, his skills continued to flourish and manifest into fully-fledged, releasable productions. Years down the line, this same delight has endured and prospered into numerous outstanding productions and a standard of production that’s inspired the next-generation.

In 2016 Sven began to ponder on what the future held for him. Many possibilities flooded his mind, however if one thing was for sure, it was that no amount of money could surpass the reaction the crowd gives to hardstyle music. For Sven, it was now or never and in 2017, a final decision arose for him to re-launch himself under the solo alias KELTEK.

Maintaining Hardstyle’s cinamatic ‘roughness’ in combination with majestic, soul-grasping melodies; the KELTEK sound is authentic, bold and powerful! Prepared to unleash supreme creativity, because there will be no holding back on this Scantraxx-signed Trailblazer.